Current Projects

Happening Now:


Winter 2017: THRILLED to have recently completed the narration and compilation of the first audiobook in The Bay Tanner Mystery series with Bella Rosa Books. Looking forward to narrating this series and others with such a great group from the SE coast.


Spring and Summer 2016: Masterclass with audiobook narrator with Amy Rubinate at San Francisco’s Voice One. Also, I’ve enjoyed several class sessions with Elaine Clarke and David Rosenthal regarding VO career planning and character creation.


Fall 2015: Happy to be working with Tripleshot Productions on their upcoming reading of “Silent City”, a new play by Dan Wilson and directed by Bahati Bonner. The reading will be taking place Sunday, October 18th at 2pm.  The Phoenix Theatre, 414 Mason St, San Francisco.


Summer 2015: Moved to the Bay! This summer I transplanted into a new market and am looking for opportunities to create and grow in San Francisco, CA. Currently, I am telling stories around town, and building my knowledge of the local film, theatre, and Voice-over markets.


Winter 2015: Took a little bit of time in the fall to branch out into a new skill set in that 1099 life! Recently, joined in with long time friends of “Some Guys I Know” to collaborate on their latest sketch shoot. Also, enjoyed visiting IO’s new stage to read a principle role for an upcoming TV Pilot ‘Tipped’ by Lauren Lewis.


Summer 2014: To do list- Shoot “Losers” (Chicago-based web series), a few short films, and get the much awaited ‘edited reel’ up. These are the primary goals for this summer. Now that I have been generating film material for the past calendar year (as of 8/1/14) I am looking forward to chopping it all up, and splicing it into a new sample of all the stories I have been a part of so far. In addition to editing the reel, ‘Losers’ began filming 6/10/14 and will begin distributing online in the late summer from Cloudgate Productions. Stabbing with Frank has wrapped filming with Slashproof Productions as of 5/31/14 (final copy coming soon). Pirouette premiered in Evanston this weekend and there will be an updated copy of that final edit coming up this June as well. Also, a surprise short with director Hayward Suggs wrapped this May and edits of that film will be posted any time this summer. Exciting things are on the way!


Archive Performance of the One Minute Play Festival can be seen here!

Spring 2014: Now it’s a busy Spring- Wahoo! Sunday and Monday (May 4th and 5th) I can be seen in the One Minute Play Festival at Victory Gardens Theatre. I’ll be in a clump of 10 plays directed by the fabulous Erica Barnes. I have finished ‘Be My Boyfriend’ and am now working on wrapping ‘Stabbing with Frank’ at the end of May in Ann Arbor, before getting to work filming Cloudgate Productions new web series, ‘Losers’, for the duration of the summer! All in all, great and wonderful things I am very excited to get to crackin’ on!

Winter 2014: Busy winter! Continuing work on ‘Stabbing with Frank.’ I have now wrapped ‘Piroutte’ with the most wonderful filming team at Northwestern. Also, I am currently filming a comedic short, ‘Be My Boyfriend’ with the Art Institute of Chicago. More updates to come, and clips of the latest projects in late spring!

Fall 2013/Winter 2014: Currently am in the midst of filming my first feature length with Slashproof Productions in Ann Arbor/Detroit, Michigan. It’s great to be a part of the rich Michigan film culture! A copy of the first scene before edits can be found on my ‘Reel’ page. Stay tuned!

Fall 2013: Wrapped ‘Black Coffee’ with RWR Productions. It was an excellent shoot, and I have never looked better in fake piercings. The RAW copy can be found on my ‘Reel’ page!

Summer 2013: As of 8/26/13 I am officially signed on with Heyman Talent Agency, expanding my MW casting opportunities for commercial & film work. It’s been a good summer!

Whew! I am currently shooting several films for the festival circuit throughout the Chicagoland and Michigan areas. With a packed schedule through the fall, I am having an awesome time exploring this medium!

Also, be sure to make it out to DFBRL8R Performance Art Gallery this weekend for The Glass Inward!

Summer 2013: Starting off the summer on a high note work-shopping with Knife and Fork theatre company, Victory Gardens current Visiting Artist. Bitte(r) is a new devised work based on Margot Woelk’s recent announcement concerning her secret World War II wartime role as Adolf Hitler’s food taster. “Woelk, then in her mid-twenties, spent two and a half years as one of 15 young women who sampled Hitler’s food to make sure it wasn’t poisoned before it was served to the Nazi leader in his Wolf’s Lair.” Inspired by women who have been silenced throughout history but who have finally gained the courage to speak up, Bitte(r) will allow us to look at the “anxiety of eating” through these 15 women in a new way and create a parallel between the past and present regarding how we feel about food.

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Spring 2013: After a beautiful few months of on-boarding/overhauling into marketing for The Fever and A Simple Lesson in Baking with Marie Antoinette, I was able to perform my newest monologue once more-with updates.This story details my journey to being “Who I am” and the many women that brought me there from my 3 diverse Grandmothers, all the way down the line to Paula Dean. (Audio to come!)

Winter 2013: Spent a wonderful night workshopping with Chicago’s Laboratory Dancers at the Fulton Street Collective. What an excellent night of experience sharing, and training! We explored methods of choreography and improvised modern dance, ending our night in a lesson on generating material for solo performance with Artistic Director Mike Steele. I love being a part of the Island Theatre Co.


Winter 2013: Appeared in The Andy Knuth Show as a Storyteller/Monologuist for my first experiment within that genre. Loved it, look forward to doing more of it.

Summer 2012: Performed in the Chicago Fringe Festival: Pilsen 2012 in The War to End War.

Spring 2012:Co-directed ‘Othello’ with Professor of Acting, Alex Miller in the Decatur Correctional facility as part of Shakespeare Behind Bars. This involved months of teaching verse, and preparation with the inmates, culminating in their first theatrical performance while incarcerated.

I created/directed/choreographed with my dear friend Andy Frank. The purpose of the workshop being to explore the role of emotion in the initial conception of a piece, and to express it using the clay of actors instead of dancers…or “trained bodies”, so to speak. We gathered, shared, and molded our feelings together into live, physical forms. The project was about finding the same satisfaction, or release that painters, writers, and poets get to feel by expressing with, and controlling their art in a way we don’t often get to experience.

I was incredibly grateful to work with performers Quinton Sledge, Colin Funk, Professor of Theatre at Millikin University Denise Myers, Danielle Mohrbach, Corinne Fox, Ben Locke, Ari Baker, Keegan Huckfeldt, Jonathan Smith, Dana Anderson, many more.